The Second? Adventure 7/6/16

Later on into the day, after the loooong first trek, my friend, Rob, invited me to go into town. The night before I had told him how to get the app and we were going to go hunting for Pokemon. Shortly after arriving and meeting him he reached level 5. I convinced him to join me in team mystic and we were ready to go.

We went up along the seaside finding more gyms and spots as well as discussing what we thought of the game so far. After a while we stopped to get some food, which was conveniently next to a gym. So we sat and chilled out for a bit talking more about our Pokemon GO experiences. This however, is the moment panic hit. The first unwanted occurrence. I accidentally managed to trade away my Kingler which left me in a bad mood.Another bad experience almost happened straight after as we both stopped at the top of a hill to catch Magmars and whilst not paying attention Rob managed to let his longboard start rolling backwards down the hill behind him. Luckily he got to it in time.

We decided to just keep walking and obtaining gyms until we found a gym someone else had caught. When I checked to see what Pokemon I would have to battle I checked the users name. Without knowing it I had been taking gyms back from another one of my friends who I didn’t know had the game. I also evolved the Drowzee into a Hypno finally.

We caught a ton of different Pokemon of much higher levels than we were expecting and then we head into town to ‘hang out for a bit’ sadly my phone died so the rest of the time I spent out had nothing to do with Pokemon GO. By this point I had reached level 10.

At around midnight I walked up to the nearby train station to meet my friend, Jack, we only stayed around for half an hour or so but we worked out how to use the lure item on a point which was a success i suppose. He had been up in London for the day and was the friend I took the Gyms off of. It is likely we will team up to catch some Pokemon int he future but he is on the other team so I am keeping my distance.


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