The First Adventure 7/6/16

The longest walk; I am dead


This day kind of blurs in with the last one as I didn’t sleep. Subsequently this day starts off really early. It started to get slightly brighter at 3am which is when i set off on my ‘adventure’. The plan was to scout out a nearby gym; level up to level 5; capture the gym and then come home. It didn’t go entirely to plan. Initially I evolved to get a Kakuna and Raticate and then went on the search.

I walked for half an hour before a single gym came into view, at points I considering just going home as I thought there to be no gyms in my area, and by this point I had already reached my goal of Level 5.¬†Upon reaching level 5 more types of Pokemon started to appear. I caught a Jynx which was my first Pokemon to have over 100cp when I caught it. I put this Jynx in the gym and I had achieved my goal. I had obtained the first gym in my county! (This isn’t a huge deal as only 4 player shad the game in my county at the time but I was happy).

By this point I was 2/3 of the way to the nearby town so I decided to head there in search of item drops rather than head home. On the journey towards the town I caught a variety of new Pokemon including: Slowpoke; Krabby; Psyduck; Meowth and Paras as well as a Raticate (this time without evolving it). As I approached the town Item drops and Gyms were all I saw for what seemed to be miles. I was happy I didn’t head back early to say the least.

I walked through town for alot longer than I should have. I captured about 10 gyms for team mystic as no one had been near them yet. The town was filled with Drowzee upon Drowzee and by the end I had almost enough candy to evolve them into a Hypno. I activated all the spots at least twice and ended up on the other side of the town harbour without noticing and continuing down the path I had reached the fort on the coast which I had no plans to go ANYWHERE near. Not to complain there were gyms there. I was over 4.5 miles away from my house at this point however, and decided it was probably time to head home.

On the way back I found a Kingler that was over 400cp that I named ‘Kingle Bells’ but more on this later.

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