First Day 6/7/16

First Day of Pokemon GO


At 6pm on the 6th of June a download of the NZ Pokemon Go app became available to download and install. Doing this it was possible, for many people around the world in places where it hadn’t released, to play it. I loaded it up for a brief time but no pokemon were spawning in and I couldnt get the stops to work.

At 9pm I decided to give the app another try creating a new account. To start I selected charmander before deciding to go out for a little walk. By 11:30pm I had walked between the two stops near my house quite a few times; catching pokemon along the way. All the pokemon i found were the ones at the start of red/green/blue which I think everyone starts finding. This made me think that different pokemon appear to find as you level up as well as it being location based.

I returned home half way through level 3. I had caught many Weedle and Rattatas by this point and was nearly ready to evolve them. Over the course of the say I had learnt how all the points and items worked. The highest cp i encountered was a 37 Rattata.

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